Delta Clipped Wings Historical Timeline

In 1957 John Sutton, Superintendent of Passenger Service for Delta Air Lines, proposed forming a club for former Delta stewardesses.  He asked Jan Fairchild Jones, a former stewardess who was working in Delta’s Public Relations Office, to call several other former Delta stewardesses (who lived in Atlanta to see if they would be interested.  A group of seven (John, Jan, Betty Graham Bull, Elta “Pep” Wilkinson Greene, Libby Drum Love, Jean Allen Scherer, Phyllis Townley Soderholm) met and formed the beginnings of our organization.  The group called themselves the "Dated Delta Dotties" which originated from the Dottie Delta doll that was presented to women passengers at the time.  ("Dottie Delta" was the companion to the "Colonel Delta" doll which was given to male passengers.)  Fundraising events in the following history have been held in Atlanta, GA.
Years in the following timeline reflect a fall to spring membership year.  The timeline has been expanded from early versions by Suzi Modisett, VP Membership.  The source of timeline documentation is from past Presidents' scrapbooks containing letters to members, newspaper clippings, event pictures and from member stories.  More recent information was gathered through documentation via our newsletter, "The Briefing Sheet," which has been edited since 2005 by Sue Zino, VP Communications.

1957  The first official meeting of the Dated Delta Dotties was held in October at Dobbs House in the Atlanta airport terminal building.

1958–1959  Phyllis Townley Soderholm volunteered to be the first president during this first fully organized club year.  Meetings were held at night in private homes then changed to luncheons at various restaurants on a quarterly basis.  President: Phyllis Townley Soderholm

1959–1960  Delta treated members and their children to a DC-7 champagne luncheon flight over Atlanta.  President: Betty Graham Bull

1960–1961  The Fulton County Juvenile Detention Home (JDH) was chosen as the official charity.  Members would make monthly visits to the home to work directly with the children.  Twice each year, Christmas and Easter, a party was given for the children.  Donations of toiletries and clothing were made initially.  A dessert bridge project was held at the Lakeside Country Club where fashions from the Bahamas were modeled by Club members.  President: Libby Drum Love

1961–1962  A scholarship fund was established to assist in educating a child selected by the Juvenile Court.  The first Dated Delta Dottie dinner dance, honoring members' husbands, was held at the Henry Grady Hotel in Atlanta.  President: Jan Fairchild Jones

1962–1963  In 1962 "Dated Delta Dotties" changed their name to The Delta Clipped Wings Club (DCW)The club's new stationery depicted a logo with "Clipped Wings Club" and a broken wing design.  The following is the mission statement of Delta Clipped Wings Club in 1962:  The purpose of the Delta Clipped Wings Club shall be to renew acquaintances and to foster, encourage and stimulate interest among its members in social, economic, cultural, civic and educational achievements in their community and to make efficient their volunteer services.  "Travel Time, USA" was the theme of a dinner dance held at Castle View Town Club on the roof of the Fulton National Bank in Atlanta.  Candy sales were voted as the official fundraising project to benefit the JDH.  A profit of $200 was raised.  President: Elta "Pep" Wilkinson Greene

1963–1964  Members and guests were entertained Hawaiian style at Lakeside Country Club with "An Island Cruise" theme.   President: Jean Allen Scherer

1964–1965  DCW members presented a fashion show of past uniforms during the 25th-anniversary observance of the first Delta stewardess class of 1940.  DCW member, Pep Wilkinson Greene, modeled her own 1954 uniform.  Delta sponsored the event at the Atlanta airport on March 29-30, 1965.  A spring dance, "An Evening at the World's Fair," was held at Druid Hills Country Club.  Dues were $1.  President: Jeanne Higgins Neal

1965-1966  A Parliament House Restaurant luncheon and candy sales benefited the Rabun Gap Nacoochee School recipient of the scholarship fund.  "An Antebellum Evening" dinner dance was held in the Hermitage Room of the Marriott Motor Hotel on May 14, 1966.  Membership was 165.  President: Betty Stephenson Van Gerpen

1966–1967  The first DCW handbooks were printed for membersThe club voted to name the scholarship fund benefiting the Fulton County Juvenile Detention Home as "The C.E. Woolman Scholarship Fund."  The "Paris in the Spring" dinner dance was held at the new Regency Hyatt House on May 5, 1967.  Dues increased to $2.  President: Liz Whitman Sudderth

1967-1968  By-laws of DCW were chartered and prepared for members.  Orchid leis were flown in from Hawaii for the Hawaiian-themed dinner dance held at the Regency Hyatt House Hotel.  Dues increased to $3.  President: Florence "Stevie" Stevens Hartman  

1968-1969  "Fly Me to the Moon" was the theme of the annual dinner dance held at the Marriott Motor Hotel on May 2, 1969.  John S. Langford was welcomed as the Fulton County Juvenile Judge and a raffle was held for the $100 gift certificate from Rich's.  President: Peggy Adams Fett

1969-1970  The annual Christmas party for the JDH was held on December 16, 1969.  Atlanta Braves Ron Reed, Phil Niekro and Sonny Jackson were on hand to sign autographs and help pass out gifts to the children.  The March 31st JDH Easter party was attended by 152 children.  Tubby and Lester of the WQXI-TV show provided entertainment for the children and Atlanta Falcon, Grady Allen, was on hand to sign autographs.  The annual spring dinner dance, “Passport to the Orient,” was held at the Sheraton Biltmore Hotel on April 10, 1970.  The Master of Ceremonies was Mr. T. Suddeth and music was provided by Kenny Brown.  DCW members modeled uniforms at Delta's 30th-anniversary celebration of flight attendant service held in March 1970.  Birdie Perkins Bomar, Pep Wilkinson Greene and Cathie Crombie Pitts were three of the models in uniforms shown from 1940 to 1970.  A DCW scholarship recipient was sponsored at Annawakee Foundation for a year through a $500 donation to JDH from DCW.  President: Barbara Gwin Holland

1970–1971  Outgoing President Barbara Holland called the September 17, 1970 officer installation luncheon at the Top of the Mart to order - so loudly in fact that an executive of the posh restaurant came running in yelling "STOP" - apparently Governor Maddox was speaking in the room next door and all that could be heard was something about "clipped wings."  Mr. W.T. Beebe, President of Delta Air Lines and DCW guest speaker, assisted with the installation of 1970-71 officers.  Judge John Langford of the JDH was in attendance.  December 10, 1970 was the JDH children's Christmas party with Atlanta Braves, Ron Reed, Sonny Jackson and Chief Nok-A-Homa on hand to assist.  A washboard band of 15 Georgia State students provided entertainment.  On December 29, 1970, DCW sponsored "The Gilpin Marionettes" in two performances (Greenbriar Theater and Lenox Square Auditorium) to benefit the C.E. Woolman Scholarship Fund.  The Gilpin Marionettes were well known in the Atlanta area from the Woody Willow Show on WSB-TV.  “The Gay, Gay 90s” charity ball was held at The Top of the Mart on April 30, 1971 with 122 attendees.  Mr. Foy Phillips was the Master of Ceremonies.  Dance music was by Faris Jones, who was also a part of the special entertainment: a barbershop trio (Faris Jones, Jim Holland and John  Ellington).  President: Donel Rawls Morrow  

1971-1972  The “Grounded Gourmets Cookbook, Volume I” was published in 1971.  Drawings for the cookbook were designed by Dan Baba, husband of Angele Baba.  Around this time period, the club's logo changed to a scissor and wing design with "Clipped Wings Club" in a half moon arch connecting the tip of each wing.  In January 1972 the club passed a by-law amendment that changed the club's meeting frequency to September through May.  In keeping with that change, a May 1972 by-laws amendment changed the installation month of officers to May instead of September.  Games of chance were offered at the annual dinner dance, "A Night in Las Vegas," held on April 21, 1972 at the Atlanta American Motor Hotel.  President: Angele Powell Baba

1972–1973  On March 2, 1973 The Delta Clipped Wings Club was incorporated in the State of Georgia.  We were registered as The Delta Clipped Wings Club, Inc.  Our incorporator was Tony McKinnon, husband of DCW member, Gale McKinnon.  “Our Fifteenth Growing Year” was the theme of the charity ball held at the Chattahoochee Plantation Club on May 4, 1973.  Delta hired its first steward since 1943, resulting in the title change from stewardess to flight attendant.  Dues increased to $5.  President: Carol Dennis Ellington

1973–1974  Headed by Carol Ellington, satellite chapters of DCW began to form in other Delta cities: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit and Memphis.  The goal was to eventually include all of these satellite chapters into one national organization.  In April of 1974 a historical collection of uniforms, donated by DCW members, was presented to Delta Air Lines in a dedication ceremony.  At that time they were on display at the Delta Training Center.  A Calico Ball was held at Aunt Fanny's Cabin on May 3, 1974.  The G*T*K*E*O*B evening was full of Friday frolic as guests enjoyed themselves in "CalicoLand, USA" (*Getting To Know Each Other Better*)  President: Marty Williams Ruffin

1974-1975  An elegant fashion show presented by Lord & Taylor benefited the Fulton County Juvenile Detention Home.  A spring Calico Dance was held at Aunt Fanny's Cabin on May 21, 1975.  President: Pat Hedmark Bankhead 

1975-1976  DCW participated in "The Women ... A Gala Panorama" co-sponsored by Lenox Square and The Women's Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta.  Satellite chapters continued to expand.  "Our Bi-Centennial Year" dinner dance was held on May 7, 1976 at the Lakeside Country Club.  President: Betty Brown Gwynn

1976–1977  “The South Has Risen Again!” charity ball was held at the Northlake Hilton on April 30, 1977.  Newly elected President Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Carter gracefully declined an invitation to attend the ball.  “The Grounded Gourmets, Volume II” was published in 1976.  Active satellite chapters included: ATL, BOS, DFW and DTW.  Dues increased to $7.  Presidents: Donna Monier Wood - ATL; Carol Cunningham McDonald - BOS; Mamie Carrol Stafford - DFW; Brenda Parks Guinn - DTW 

1977–1978  "Spring Garden Party" was held on May 12, 1978 at the Georgia Plaza Park.  MSY and IAH were added as satellite chapters.  President: Gail Shaw McKinnon
1978-1979  The effort to expand DCW into a national organization was discontinued due to a lack of funding.  "London by Night" was held on May 4, 1979.  Dues increased to $8.  President: Bobbie Brewer Jones

1979-1980  President: Birdie Perkins Bomar

1980-1981  Dues increased to $10.  President: Jean Ridgell Bourne

1981-1982  "Mardi Gras and All That Jazz" was held on May 1, 1982 in the Empire Room, West Tower of the Sloppy Floyd Building.  President: Gerry Fain Gann

1982-1983  “The Grounded Gourmets Cookbook, Volume III” was published in 1983President: Martha McLaurin Davis

1983-1984  "Take a Ride on the Orient Express" dinner dance was held on April 27, 1984 in the Empire Room, West Tower of the Sloppy Floyd Building.  President: Maxine Smith May

1984–1986  DCW voted to change fundraising efforts to support two charities: CURE Childhood Cancer and Dreams Come True, an affiliate of CURE.  "Return to Tara" fundraiser was held at the Georgia Freight Depot on April 19, 1985.  “An English Morning at the Ravinia” was held in 1986.  Dues increased to $15.  President: Carol Dennis Ellington

1986-1987  A spring fashion extravaganza featuring Talbots and Bonnie White's of Perimeter Mall was held in March 1987 at the Hyatt Regency Ravinia.  The dinner dance/silent auction was held at the Golden Key Club in April 1987.  The theme, "Japan in Atlanta, Tomocachi," was chosen to reflect Delta's new service to Japan.  These fundraising events benefited CURE and The C.E. Woolman Scholarship Fund.  President: Beth Brough Grasser

1987-1988  A toe-tappin,' heel clickin' good time was had at "A Spring Fling Country/Western Style" at Aunt Fanny's Cabin on April 30, 1988.  President: Jean Ridgell Bourne

1988-1989  A fall fashion show, benefiting CURE and featuring a Laura Ashley exclusive with Avanti furs, was held on October 27, 1988 at the Hyatt Ravinia.  President: Sandy Eskridge Ralston

1989-1993  “Puttin’ on the Ritz” charity dinner dance was held on May 4, 1990 at the Atlanta Athletic Club.  On June 1, 1990 DCW members attended the 6th annual Leukemia Society's "Southside Celebrity Waiters Luncheon" held at the Atlanta Airport Marriott.  Carol Ellington served as one of the "Celebrity Waiters" and was responsible for filling her table of 10.  Beginning with the 1990-91 membership year, active flight attendants with 20 or more years of service were invited to join DCW.  This decision was made because flight attendants were flying longer and fewer were retiring.  The CURE charity ball/silent auction was held on April 26, 1991 at The Ravinia Club.  “The Grounded Gourmets Cookbook, Volume IV” was published in 1991.  On May 10, 1991 DCW members attended the 10th annual Leukemia Society's "Southside Celebrity Waiters Luncheon" at the Hyatt Atlanta Airport.  The DCW membership list was computerized with the help of Paula and Chuck Knight.  The benefit dinner dance/silent auction was held on April 25, 1992 at the Stouffer Waverly Hotel at the Galleria.  President: Carol Dennis Ellington

1993-1996  The "Fun, Food and Fashion" fundraiser was held at the Atlanta Athletic Club on October 20, 1993.  DCW members were offered a chance to work part-time for GTE Airfone at the Atlanta airport.  Members were also invited to participate in the restoration of one of Delta's first DC-3s.  Ship 41 had been found in San Juan where it was used as a cargo plane.  The DC-3 was originally delivered to Delta on January 7, 1941 to Hangar 1 and was the 2nd of 5 original DC-3s ordered.  It was returned to Hangar 1 in the summer of 1993.  A dinner dance/silent auction was held on March 19, 1994.  In the fall of 1994, DCW members approached Delta with a "Jobs for Passes" program that would have provided their volunteer time to assist the company during the financially troubling time.  DCW member loyalty and commitment to Delta would also provide inspiration to younger employees.  Tax laws and other legal/liability issues required further investigation by Delta and led to the creation of DELTA TEMPS which was offered to all former Delta personnel as a way to stay in contact with Delta and qualify for travel benefits.  The annual dinner dance was held on March 24, 1995 at the Pavilion in Sandy Springs.  DCW president, Jan Wade, was invited to join the newly created Delta Air Transport Heritage Museum Board of Trustees and attend the first meeting held on September 15, 1995.  She held that position for 15 years from 1995 - 2010.  The Restoration of the DC-3 Ship 41 was the first project of the newly created museum.  "It was an exciting time when we also acquired the Travel Air (the 1st Delta passenger plane) and brought "The Spirit of Delta" home to display in the museum.  We had to have the hanger modified because the tail was too tall to get inside."  The 1996 annual dinner dance/silent auction was held on March 22.  DCW voted to open its membership to all current and past Delta flight attendants.  President: Jan Rogers Wade

1996-1998  As a fundraising project, a DCW afghan was designed with the guidance of Donna Wood.  The afghan was produced and ready for purchase in September 1997.  It was sold through DCW members only and featured a newly designed DCW logo that was put into use in the fall of 1996.  The design featured a more streamlined image retaining the scissors and wings with "Clipped Wings" underneath the wings.  A dinner dance/silent auction was held on March 22, 1996 at Piedmont Grove in the park.  In the fall of 1997, the charity ball was a combined event sponsored by DCW and Pan Am’s World Wings International.  “Wings of Hope” was held in Hanger 1 at the Atlanta airport on October 18, 1997.  The event supported the charities of both organizations:  CURE/Dreams Come True and CARE International/TWIGS at Egleston.  President: Ann Woodall Vohs

1998-1999  The charity ball was again a combined event sponsored by DCW and Pan Am's World Wings International.  "Wings of Hope" was held on April 30, 1999 at Buckhead Pavilion.  The event supported the charities of both organizations: CURE/Dreams Come True and CARE International/TWIGS at Egleston.  President: Kitty Pitts Reeves

1999-2001  The co-president position was created.  A by-law motion was passed to extend membership to include all flight attendants acquired through mergers.  A gala was held to honor Birdie Bomar, one of Delta’s first stewardesses, at her retirement home.  Dues increased to $20.  Co-presidents: Paula Saporito Knight and Patt Dunlap Norred 

2001-2003  During the company's effort to downsize during a downturn in the economic environment, many flight attendants retired and joined DCW. The large increase in membership re-energized the existing members.  To accommodate the larger membership group, daytime events were planned with a focus on one large fundraiser each year.  DCW by-laws were revised by Betty Bull, Jan Fairchild Jones and Libby Love.  Monthly correspondence from the DCW president to members changed from a personal letter format to a newsletter format.  Co-presidents: Jean Lyon and Suzanne Joiner Nieman
2003-2005  DCW voted to adopt Ladies Day Fund, Inc. as our third charity The Delta Angels were formed as a support group for our members in need.  Our fundraiser luncheon events were held at The Waverly at the Galleria.  Birdie Bomar, one of Delta’s first stewardesses and a former DCW president, died January 22, 2004 at the age of 90.  This was the last term that the acting presidents personally wrote the newsletter.  During the following term, the newsletter editor position was created.  Active membership reached 565 by the end of 2005.  Dues increased to $25.  Co-presidents: Louise Van Damm and Sity Van Sickle

2005–2007  DCW became a 501(c)(3) organization on October 21, 2005.  Delta Air Lines CEO Gerald Grinstein addressed DCW at the December 2005 luncheon at Ansley Country Club.  "Family and Friends" was the theme of the annual fundraiser, held on March 30, 2006 at the Atlanta Renaissance Waverly Hotel.  Color was added to the DCW logo in 2006On September 11, 2006 Delta Clipped Wings founder, Jan Fairchild Jones, passed away just one year short of celebrating 50 years of club activity with us.  Due to the devastation of New Orleans caused by Hurricane Katrina in August 2006, our spring fundraiser of 2007, held at the Waverly Hotel in Atlanta, was a joint venture with Ladies Day, Inc. (headquartered in New Orleans).  "The Grounded Gourmet Cookbook, Volume V", was published in 2007Our first DCW website,, was created by Sue and Mike Amato and expanded by Sue Zino.  Email distribution of our newsletter, "The Briefing Sheet," was initiated by Sue Zino in the spring of 2007.  Active membership grew to over 700 by the end of 2007.  Co-presidents: Bettie Wooten Asip and Ann King Chapman

2007-2009  The Golden Anniversary of Delta Clipped Wings was held on September 26, 2007 at the historic Delta Air Transport Heritage Museum in Atlanta (renamed Delta Flight Museum in 2013).  Guest speakers included Joanne Smith (Senior Vice President In-Flight Service & Global Product Marketing), Hollis Harris (former President Delta Air Lines) and Jenny Poole (former Senior Vice President In-Flight Service).  The 2008 annual fundraiser, "Spring Into New Beginnings," was held on March 14 at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel.  By May of 2008 over half of our members received our newsletter, "The Briefing Sheet," via email.  Dreams Come True was discontinued as one of our charities.  The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Noah's Ark Animal Rehabilitation Center and Children's Care Homes were added as additional fundraising recipients.  Active membership was 738 at the end of 2007 and 691 at the end of 2008.  Dues remained at $25.  Co-presidents: Kathy Dillard Horner and Kathy Barbee Roper

2009-2010  The first Bingo night, supporting Ladies Day, was held at the VFW in Roswell, GA.  It was so much fun it would become an annual event.  On a trial basis, the co-president positions were designated as President and President-elect.  Our "Delta Through the Decades" fundraiser was held on March 5, 2010 at the Renaissance Concourse Hotel.  Our membership at the end of the 2009-10 was 632.  Dues remained at $25.  President: Kathy Barbee Roper; President-Elect: Bea Hill Van Vliet

2010-2011  The 2011 annual fundraiser, "Springtime in Paris," netted $10,000 for each of our four charities.  Credit card purchases were allowed for the first time at the fundraiser.  Our by-laws were amended eliminating the "20 years of service" requirement for active flight attendant membership.  A Delta flight attendant uniform fashion show was held for the Delta Pioneers in April 2011.  The co-president position was reinstated for the next membership year.  Active membership at the end of 2010-11 was 689.  Dues remained at $25.  President: Bea Hill Van Vliet; President-Elect: Sandy Norris Chinn
2011-2013  The 2012 annual fundraiser, "Delta Clipped Wings Orient Express," was held on March 16, 2012 at the Atlanta Renaissance Concourse Hotel.  We distributed over $44,000 to our four charities.  Active membership at the end of 2011-12 was 763.  The 2012 annual fundraiser, "Delta Clipped Wings Goes Green," was held at the Atlanta Airport Marriott International on March 15, 2013.  The record attendance of 400 raised over $31,000 for our four charities.  Membership at the end of fiscal year 2012-13 was 691. Dues remained at $25.  Co-presidents: Sandy Norris Chinn and Donna Cracraft Wilson

2013-2017  Our annual fundraisers for 2014 and 2015 were held at the Atlanta Airport Marriott International.  "Where in the World is Delta Clipped Wings" was held on March 14, 2014.  The generous support of our event netted $43,112 for our four charities.  Ms. Senior Georgia 2013 Cindy Wood provided entertainment during the luncheon.  Active membership at the end of fiscal year 2013-14 was 732.   "Fly Away with Delta Clipped Wings," was held on March 13, 2015.  On March 16, 2015, "Smiles in the Aisles," a celebration of 75 years of flight attendant service at Delta Air Lines, was held in the Delta Flight Museum.  Three DCW members were the "darlings" of the event: Betty Graham Bull, Pep Wilkinson Greene and Jean Allen Scherer.  Betty flew from 1945-49, Pep from 1952-55 and Jean from 1951-57.  All have been active DCW members for over 50 years and have served as DCW President.  At the September 15, 2016 luncheon, members voted to adopt Pet For Vets through the Atlanta Humane Society as our fourth charity, replacing Noah's Ark.  To honor their dedication to our organization, commencing with the 2016-17 membership year, members with 50 years of continuous membership are no longer required to pay dues.  The 2017 fundraiser, "Spring is in the Air," held on March 24, 2017 at the Atlanta Airport Marriott Hotel raised $48,184.35 for our charities!  Co-presidents: Retta Newton Christoforatos and Donna Cracraft Wilson

2017-2019  Our March 23, 2018 fundraiser, at the Atlanta Airport Marriott Hotel, marked a new step forward for DCW.  After many years of the silent auction bids being done on paper, we changed to bidding on our Smartphones and tablets using GiveSmart’s mobile bidding platform.  Hence, the theme of the fundraiser … “Into the Future.”  At the end of December 2018, Ladies Day Fund, Inc. (LDF) ~ founded in 1998 by Carole Lovelace, a New Orleans-based Delta flight attendant ~ “closed its doors” after raising close to half a million dollars to aid active and retired Delta flight attendants in need.  LDF was removed as one of the four charities we support.  In  2019, the Atlanta Humane Society changed its pet adoption program and partnered with Pets for Patriots.  It remains one of the three charities we continue to support.  Our March 22, 2019 fundraiser, "Up and Away with Delta Clipped Wings," was held at the Atlanta Airport Marriott.  Membership by the end of the 2018-19 membership year was 914.  Co-presidents: RoyAnne Donnelly and Donna Cracraft Wilson

2019-2021  The March 21, 2020 fundraiser, "It's Time to Celebrate," was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, we were able to divide and distribute $7,178 from the "In Honor of/In Memory of" campaign to our three charities: Atlanta Humane Society's Pets for Patriots, CURE Childhood Cancer and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Our 2019-2020 fundraising efforts carried over to the fall of our 2020-2021 membership year.  We needed to disperse the silent auction items we had collected, so we held two separate online events: Wine Auction on October 12-14, 2020 and Silent Auction on October 12-22, 2021.  Further distribution was made to our charities in December 2020: $7,078 to CURE, $7,078 to AHS and $6,848 to BCRF.  Because we did not hold a March 2021 fundraiser due to continued COVID restrictions we determined we had a surplus in our operating budget, so in May 2021 we dispersed an equal amount of $4,000 to each of our charities.  During the summer of 2020, our web page was updated to a new format through MemberClicks, our database management company.  Effective July 2020 the Atlanta Humane Society broke ties with the Pets for Patriots program and started their own "in-house" adoption program:  American Heroes Adoption Program.  This newly designed adoption program was expanded to include military veterans plus first responders and truckers and will remain as one of our charities.  Co-presidents: Bettie Wooten Asip and Suzi Overton Modisett   

2021-2023 Co-presidents: Sandy Norris Chinn and Susan Kraham

2023-2025  Co-presidents:  RoyAnne Donnelly and Corrine Hilton Hofstetter